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Online | Recurring | Starts from September 20, 2022

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Activity Overview

Is your middle schooler or high schooler looking to hear about Python but does not where to start? When you Google, everything in Python is only talking about Data Science and NumPy? 

Mighty Coders Python classes give the essential skills for students to pick up Python and sets the foundation for them to learn this very popular language and fly. 

In this bootcamp style Python class, we start with the very basics of variables, operators and gradually go over to the more advanced areas of data structures, searching and sorting algorithms all the while keeping them engaged through fun projects. 

  • Python Basics
  • Python Installation, pip, Python libraries
  • Variables, Operators
  • Data Structures
  • Conditionals and Loops
  • Object oriented programming with Python
  • Errors and Exceptions
  • GitHub
  • Web Scraping with Python
  • APIs
  • AWS & Setting up your service on AWS (Optional) 
  • Assignments & Projects

Classrooms are organized with 1 lead instructor and 1 assistant instructor for 10-12 students. Assignments will be given, so students can retain the learning that they have achieved. 


This is online only. Please ensure your child has a laptop - Windows with at least 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of disk space Or a Macbook. 

Make Up Class Policy

At this time unfortunately we are not able to acomodate make up classes. Assignments will be sent and students will have some time to pick up from where they left. 


Mighty Coders, 201st Place Southeast, Bothell, WA, USA

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Cancel with 1 month of written notice. Please send your notice to cancel at info@mightycoders.io